Special Issue: "Consumption, Consumer Behaviour And Sustainability" In Sustainability

Special Issue: "Consumption, Consumer Behaviour And Sustainability" In Sustainability

This Special Issue will comprise papers that analyze the importance of consumption and consumer behavior as determinants of the production of goods and services and the use of natural resources. The objective is to advance in the study of the knowledge about the origin and how the determinants of needs, desires, and demand operate and to identify how they are specified and the values that operate in the consumer decision process and the responsibility with which they act. We are particularly interested in developing an understanding of the behavior in the exchange of goods and services from a sustainability perspective. The consumer’s behavior, which responds to the stimuli and communication received, determines the way of life and the production necessary to satisfy present and future needs—in short, the sustainability of life. The consumer society and the standards that characterize it should be reviewed both from a strategic perspective, at the macro level, as well as from a tactical perspective, in the daily decisions of consumers and suppliers.

Keywords: consumption habits, consumer behavior, responsible consumption, consumption and sustainable development, consumption as a determinant of production, environmental consequences of the consumer society, environmental values and consumption, education and consumption, need, desire, and demand.

Guest Editor: Dr. Teodoro Luque Martínez, Marketing and Market Research Department, University of Granada.

 More Information: https://t.co/QaVo60DNxA


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