Special Issue Sustainability. Sustainable Business Model Innovation: Review, Analysis and Impact on Society

This special issue belongs to the section "Economic and Business Aspects of Sustainability".

Business models (BMs) and the notion of business model innovation (BMI) have received considerable scholarly interest in the last decade in the manufacture and service domain (Molina-Castillo et al. 2019). Triggered by the introduction of the graphically and managerially appealing business model canvas (Osterwalder et al. 2010), earlier conceptualizations as statements and descriptions have been furthered towards the BM as a conceptual tool, method or framework (Clauss 2017; Amit and Zott 2001; Afuah and Tucci 2003). There is now a surge in work around BM; yet, a lot of this is still carried out without an explicit definition of the concept (Foss and Saebi 2018). Consequently, there are now mounting attempts to move from a tool towards a theoretically useful construct and substantive theoretical underpinnings of BMs (Foss and Saebi 2017).

For this Special Issue, you are invited to present papers to take such questions further. How can the renewal of BMs lead to improved responsiveness and firm resilience in a resource-constrained world? Is it possible to achieve systematically higher performance outcomes over traditional BMs (Carayannis et al. 2014)? What are the promises and perils of new technologies and analytical tools (Rodríguez et al. 2020), such as big data and advanced ICTs, for BMI (Minatogawa et al. 2020)? Is there any guidance for sustainability entrepreneurs (Poponi et al. 2020)? How can we control and avoid the “dark sides” of such advanced technologies (R. R. Sinkovics and Sinkovics 2020)?

This special issue is interest in submissions that help in the advancement of concepts related to sustainable BMI, but also empirical contributions, particularly pertaining to sectors that are profoundly impacting the social and environmental dimensions of business models. Review papers, sector analyses, case studies, focus group work on technological innovations and BMI, cross-case analyses and international BM replication studies are welcome.



Deadline: 1 February 2021.

Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier Molina-Castillo (University of Murcia)

Prof. Dr. Noemi Sinkovics (University of Auckland-New Zealand)

Prof. Dr. Rudolf R. Sinkovics (University of Auckland-New Zealand)

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